The Covenant’s Implications for Womanhood

Are we THINKING BIBLICALLY about Womanhood? Are our personal views defined by our culture or by Scripture? Failure to understand a biblical perspective of womanhood diminishes us and abounds with unhappy consequences. Confusion occurs if we isolate the womanhood discussion from the major themes of the Scripture – creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. Being a woman is a covenantal concept, and our design makes more sense and has purpose when we have this understanding. In this session, we will look at what the Bible identifies as woman’s helper design and how our life-giving mission flows from the original creation and covenantal design of the Father. We will find clarity on our CREATION DESIGN by looking both at what it IS and what it is NOT! Our small group discussion will focus on applying what we learn to our variety of real life circumstances.

Teri Anderson and her husband, Mark, are Spring Meadows PCA members in Las Vegas, NV. They have two adult “kids,” a son-in-law, and enjoy their 4-year-old granddaughter as often as possible! Teri taught high school before beginning her motherhood role and a resulting home-based Mary Kay Cosmetics business, training and mentoring women of all ages. She has served as Women’s Advisor to the Board of Covenant College, and as an Alpha Omicron Pi Board member. Teri has taught Sunday School and women’s Bible Study, and has been on Women’s Ministry Teams. Since 2001, Teri has served on the PCA’s Committee on Discipleship Ministries CDM) National Women’s Ministry Team as a Trainer and retreat speaker.

Applying A Covenantal Framework To Women’s Ministry

The late theologian J.I. Packer wrote, “The gospel of God is not properly understood till it is viewed within a covenantal frame. The Word of God is not properly understood till it is viewed within a covenantal frame. The reality of God is not properly understood till it is viewed within a covenantal frame.” Why is a covenantal framework for women’s ministry necessary for that ministry to be built on a biblical foundation? This seminar will give you an overview of what a covenantal framework is and how to think through a covenantal grid and apply it to women’s ministry.

Melanie Cogdill is the general editor of Beyond the Roles: A Biblical Foundation for Women and Ministry (CDM, 2019). She is on the PCA’s Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) National Women’s Ministry team as a Trainer and serves as an advisor to CDM’s Permanent Committee. In addition, she is the managing editor of the award-winning Christian Research Journal and the host of its weekly podcast Postmodern Realities (available on Apple podcasts). She is a member of The Pelican Project ( She is a member of Christ Covenant Church in North Carolina where she lives with her family. She is also a very big fan of modern board games.

The Covenant Is Rooted in Love: The Role of Cultural Intelligence in Loving Our Neighbor

Scripture commands that we love our neighbors as ourselves. But who are our neighbors, and what role does cultural intelligence play in our ability to love them as Scripture commands? Join us as we explore this gospel mandate and examine how our view of other cultures inform how we love others.

Vanessa Hawkins is the Director of Women’s Ministry at First Presbyterian Church Augusta. In 2017, she received her Master of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary where she is currently pursuing her DMin in Cultural Apologetics and Communication. She also serves as the Diversity Advisor for the PCA’s Women’s Ministry and is a regular contributor on the “Something to Talk About” Podcast. She is honored to be the wife of her third grade friend Marcus, and together they are the parents of Kayla, Sydney, Chelsey and a rambunctious boxer named Caspian. Follow her on Twitter (@Hawkinsclan5), Instagram (hawkinsclan5) and the Something to Talk About Podcast at

A Different Kind of Community

After helping the women in our churches appreciate the beauty of covenant theology, we must also help them appreciate the beauty of covenant community. We want them to understand the danger of individualism and isolationism and the delight of intergenerational ministry in the church. In doing so, we must emphasize the importance of passing the faith to the next generation, remind them of the importance of the means of grace, and help them understand what it means to grow up together by speaking the truth in love.

Sarah Ivill (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary) has been leading, teaching or writing women’s Bible studies since she was eighteen. She has served at the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership, in Bible Study Fellowship, and as Director of Women’s Ministry in the local church, among other leadership positions. Sarah is the author of numerous books and Bible studies, including The Covenantal Life: Appreciating the Beauty of Theology and Community, and Romans: The Gospel of God for Obedience to the Faith. Sarah continues writing and teaching Bible studies for women, and speaking at women’s retreats and conferences. A member of Christ Covenant Church (PCA), Sarah lives with her husband and four children in Matthews, North Carolina.

Planting Seeds and Tending Gardens

So often ministry can be shaped by routine and the latest recommendations, but what if we are invited to live and minister with a larger view in mind? What might it look like to serve in both the mundane and marvelous with our eyes on our Maker? Join in today to encourage each other as we serve to consider what it means to plant and tend together as those who belong to the Lord.

Meaghan May currently serves at King’s Cross Church, a church planted five years ago in Ashburn, Virginia. She is a Parakaleo trainer and local network leader as well as the Northeast Regional Advisor for the PCA Women’s ministry National Team. She has five great kids and has been learning how to walk in faith each day!

Cultivating a Culture of Peace

Every woman faces conflict; it’s inevitable. The real question is how does God desire for us to respond to conflict? The way we answer that question is where the rubber meets the road in living out our covenant responsibilities within our homes and churches. Join us as we explore how understanding God’s covenantal nature compels us toward cultivating a culture of peace and maintaining unity in the home, church, and community.

Connie Miller and her husband Mike, just celebrated 41 years of marriage. Together they served on staff with the ministry of CRU, church planted in south Florida, and presently reside in Matthews, NC where Mike serves as the Pastor of Global Outreach and Missions at Christ Covenant Church. Taking on the dual roles as a National Trainer and our International Women’s Ministry Advisor, she praises God for the opportunities to speak at training events in South America, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Germany, and England. She helped co-author Hinged: Vitally Connected to Christ and His Church. They have three adult children and two adorable grand-baby boys, Bo and Grisham.

The Covenant Fuels our Purpose: The Why of Community (our purpose individually and corporately in the Church) I John 1:3

What is the Christian’s primary purpose and how does living in community fulfill that mandate? How do we understand what true fellowship is, while keeping the gospel central? Is it possible to live out our faith while not living up to our covenantal vows within the church? In this workshop, my goal is to address these questions and open up a conversation; one that hopefully continues after LT.

Carrie Mills is married to PCA Pastor Brad Mills for the past 21 years. She is the mother of four beautiful children ranging in ages 17-10 years old. She is active in her homeschool community and directs a high school class for Classical Conversations. Carrie also serves as CDM’s West Coast Regional Advisor. After graduating seminary, her family moved back to their hometown where they planted Grace Presbyterian Church in Fresno, California, where they are currently serving.

As Belonging Flows from Relationship, So Discipleship Flows from Covenant

In Christian circles we often hear the word “discipleship.” Many have been formally “discipled” and others desire to be “discipled” or to help “disciple” others. In this workshop we will consider the 5 W’s of Discipleship [who, what, where, when, why] noting how discipleship enhances a sense of “belonging” within our Covenant Family. Time will be spent looking at discipleship from Scripture, as well as, discussing and interacting with practical applications for our varied contexts.

Chandra Oliver resides in Washington state with her husband, Matthew, a PCA teaching elder and Army Chaplain. Most days are spent facilitating women’s Bible study, or teaching classes for military spouses, or chasing cats. However, at the end of the day, few things compare to sweet conversations around the dinner table–a foretaste of Heaven. Currently, Chandra serves on the PCA’s Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) National Women’s Ministry Team as a Trainer and Advisor-At-Large for Chaplain and Military Wives.