Share Your Stories

You could share your box talks if you choose to gather socially distanced LT Launch weekend or have a Virtual Box Talk night where you can show and tell on the screen. Click here for a PDF of the Box Talk Guidelines.

Box Talk Guidelines

What is a box talk? It is a “show and tell” for grown-ups. It is a delightful way to get to know one another. 

What do you do?

You place objects into a container (a box, bag, basket, etc.) that are representative of you and your life, and then you show the objects one at a time and tell why you included them. A box talk should be short and concise, giving a glimpse into who you are and what you love. It should be a catalyst for further conversations. The guidelines below are intended to help you as you prepare.

The purpose of box talks:

  • To nurture community among women by helping them know one another better.
  • For the woman who does the box talk to have the opportunity to learn to speak concisely, intentionally, and purposefully. This is an important aspect of discipleship.

Guidelines to keep these talks interesting and lively:

  1. Choose five to seven items that represent who you are. Pray about these items and choose them carefully. Pray for wisdom to know which parts of your life will help you connect to the women in the group.
  2. Use items that tell something about yourself, and let the item do the talking. A couple of sentences of explanation are sufficient. Individual women can talk with you afterwards about specific points of interest.
  3. Use pictures sparingly since it is difficult for everyone to see the picture and awkward to pass too many pictures around. Other items such as a favorite book, or something that depicts a hobby or vacation spot, something that recalls a special moment in your life or a future dream, or an item of clothing that recalls a special memory, make a box talk stronger. For example, an old spoon that belonged to your Grandmother who taught you to cook and to pray for the people who would sit at your table communicates many messages. Be prayerful and creative as you select items to show.
  4. Though your box talk is not a testimony, consider including a single aspect of your testimony, or a specific spiritual lesson you learned from someone, or an event in your life that impacted your spiritual growth.
  5. Decide the best order to show the items and then list them in that order. Write 1 or 2 sentences beside each item. Do not emphasize details (too much information is too much information!).
  6. Your container can be part of your story (your beach bag because you love the beach).
  7. A box talk should not exceed 5 minutes. It is important to plan carefully because it is very easy to think you have talked for 5 minutes when it has actually been 25.
  • PLEASE, do not mention time. References to “they only gave me 5 minutes” or “I think my time is up but…” take time and deflect from your box talk.