Serve Together

Nothing builds a team or group unity like serving together. Here are some ideas to build community.

  • Work with the pastors and deacons in your church to access the current needs of families in your church during this challenging time.
  • If a group member needs help, then mobilize the group to meet the need—help with meals, moving help, transportation help, or help with their children.
  • Assemble “thank you” gifts and notes for those who are serving in your local church.
  • Ask everyone in your group to bring two dozen cookies or bars. Then assemble assorted dessert platters for your pastors, elders, and staff.
  • Coordinate with another ministry at church.
  • Staff the children’s ministry classes as volunteers so the children’s ministry team can have a team building time.
  • Find out when the youth ministry is having an event and offer as a group to provide and serve the refreshments.
  • Send an email to other ministry teams in the church asking for their monthly prayer requests. Set aside a time in your group to pray for them. Once a quarter write that team a note letting them know you prayed for them.
  • Go as a group to serve at a local food shelter or mercy ministry.