Cultivating Community: Individual Plan

The CONTENT of the COVENANT taught and embodied in the CONTEXT of the COVENANT COMMUNITY.

This is a Covenantal Framework for life and ministry. It is at the core of what a WORD-BASED and RELATIONALLY-DRIVEN Women’s Ministry is all about.

We want you to have more time to focus on the CONTENT of COVENANT in the CONTEXT of the COVENANT COMMUNITY. Our goal is to provide you an accessible and flexible LT Conference experience over 12 weeks.

We encourage you to build a plan to grow this Spring. It is as easy as 1,2,3!

1,2,3, GROW!

Plan to pick at least 1 or 2 things from these categories below to really maximize your LT Conference experience.

For example, you could:

  1. Take the Leadership Inventory
  2. Plan to watch the videos and take an LT Premium class.
  3. Join at least one regional gathering and one virtual gathering.

TOOLS: Set aside 30 minutes to prayerfully consider and brainstorm ideas on this LGL Leadership Inventory from Life-giving Leadership.


  • VIDEOS: Plan to watch the Keynote and Workshop videos (which will be available beginning February 18) using the outlines and questions in the Leadership Training Notebook. There are 13 videos and three will be played on LT Launch Weekend, so you could finish the rest by watching one a week.
  • BOOKSTORE: Click over to the LT Bookstore and pick one follow-up book from the suggested resources to read this summer.
  • FREE RESOURCES: Check out the Free Resources on our website for Women’s Ministry tools you can implement moving forward.
  • WEEKLY COMMUNICATIONS: Check out the weekly LT Communication e-blasts filled with encouragement and equipping ideas.
  • LT PREMIUM TRAININGS: Invest the time to take an additional LT PREMIUM class to grow as a leader.
    • Women’s Ministry Team Dynamics – Consultation with Karen Hodge or a Women’s Ministry Trainer
    • Live-Giving Leadership: Persevering When Life and Ministry Are Challenging – Karen Hodge
    • Cultivating a Titus 2 Discipleship Culture in Your Church – Melanie Cogdill
    • Preparing your Heart and Lesson as a Bible Study Teacher – Paula Miles
    • Fruitful Small Group Facilitation – Teri Anderson

Check our LT Calendar for date and information to connect to these scheduled virtual gatherings.

A. REGIONAL GATHERINGS: Context really does matter. Connect with women who live in your geographic context to unpack what women’s ministry looks like in your context. Your Regional Advisor will facilitate 2 or 3 gatherings over the 12 weeks. The first gathering will be 10-11:30 am Saturday, February 20th on LT Launch Weekend.

B. AFFINITY GATHERINGS: What is better than gathering with like-minded women to talk about things that really matter? These affinity gatherings will meet once during the 12 weeks. Refer to the calendar to find the gathering information. You will have the opportunity to connect to as many of these affinity virtual gatherings led by seasoned ministry leaders as you please:

    • Presbytery Women’s Ministry: Rachel Craddock
    • Foster Care and Adoption: Shea Patrick
    • Chaplain and Military Spouses: Chandra Oliver
    • Diversity in Women’s Ministry: Vanessa Hawkins
    • Women’s Ministry in Church Plants: Carrie Mills
    • Women’s Ministry in Small Churches: Robin Stevens
    • Women’s Ministry in Urban Churches: Lisa Tarplee
    • Revitalizing Women’s Ministry: Jamie Williams
    • International Women’s Ministry: Connie Miller
    • Pastors’ Wives: Meaghan May
    • Elders’ Wives: Marcie Tuten
    • PCA Women Who Enjoy Writing: Christina Fox