Cultivating Community on Your Team

One of the important goals of your women’s ministry is to cultivate community on your team. We have tried to give you ideas for taking the content presented and provide community building ideas. These include ways to connect as a group, sharing your stories, praying together and serving together. We also have provided tools from Life-giving Leadership which are helpful as you build your team.

LT Launch Weekend Watch Party List

The Virtual LT Webpage is your Home base for everything you need to know and stay connected. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself so you can stay vitally connected to the content and community. You will need to be logged in to access the links for the video content and the Launch Weekend information.

  1. Let’s have fun!
  2. Plan to gather your group socially distanced or virtually.
  3. Get comfy and grab your favorite snack or beverage.
  4. Grab your Bible and pen.
  5. Locate the notebook for outlines, discussion questions, and other helpful information.
  6. This page will have the daily viewing links and the link to your Saturday regional virtual gathering.
  7. The livestream event will be delivered over our CDM YouTube Channel, so click on the daily link and as long as you can connect to WIFI, you can view it.
  8. If you are watching it virtually together, you could utilize Zoom to either share your screen or have each woman watch it on their device and then have a Zoom meeting set up for women to click over to utilize the discussion questions together.
  9. If you are gathered socially distanced in person, assign a leader to use the discussion questions provided to lead your group.
  10. If you miss any session, they will be recorded to watch later.

Click to find individual and group plans to engage with the content, community building ideas, and Life-giving Leadership Tools.